I've revamped my websites yet again in an attempt to simplify and condense things. Some things, like the photo galleries, have gone away altogether as the need to host my own images has been eliminated by the myriad free hosting options now available. Others have been replaced with better alternatives — for example, the MEHS alumni website has been redirected to the MEHS alumni page on Facebook.

For your convenience, here are links to a few of the domains I control:

  • MEHSAlumni.com / MEHSAlumni.org — Formerly its own website, these domains now point to a Facebook group for graduates of Mankato East High School.
  • LS1C10.com — This site will eventually detail the build of my '72 Chevy shortbed stepside pickup, but for now it's just a placeholder page that points to my build thread on another website for Chevy truck enthusiasts.
  • Hootus.com — This site is a portal to info on some of my other vehicles, but sadly it has not been updated in years and now has numerous broken images and other links. This is a "someday" project.
  • Juniperberries.net — Formerly a site I designed for my sister's business, it now simply redirects to her Etsy shop site instead. (Check it out for some awesome hand-made goods!)

Thanks for visiting! Any questions, you probably know how to reach me. If not, try Google.

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